Over the next two weeks, beginning on Monday, August 31st, students will be taking their Galileo pre-test and benchmark placement tests. While these tests are typically taken in-person and strictly monitored, that is not a possibility right now so we are counting on your support to get these required tests completed with your students. These pre-tests provide teachers and administration the data needed to determine the level of each student to more effectively differentiate and plan for instruction moving forward. Some of these questions will be hard, but that is OKAY. This same test will be taken at the end of the year and we will get to see the immense growth of each child!

We need students to please be logged in on time and be well rested with a full breakfast in their tummies. This is a pretest and we need the students to do their best without assistance so please resist the urge to help them with their test questions. They will need to have their Galileo log in card available. These have been sent home to all students. If it has been misplaced, please contact your child’s teacher right away.

All students will be testing on zoom with their teachers. Their video MUST be on the entire time. Their test will be locked if they turn off their video. Teachers will be able to monitor, assist with issues that arise, and give students breaks as needed. Please look for further directions and helpful tips from your child’s teacher.