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Live Lesson Attendance Exemption Form MAIN CAMPUS
Acorn Montessori Charter School understands the importance of regular attendance to academic success. Acorn students are required to attend school whether in person or during the distance learning period. If a student does not attend a live virtual lesson, they will be marked absent for the day. Live lessons will be completely taught by the teacher and will need little to no adult assistance. Students must attend school regularly. Occasionally, there may be reasons for which the student cannot not login to live lessons. Acorn expects that these reasons will be temporary. If parents/guardians know of pre-planned absences from the live lessons, they must fill out this form and submit it for approval no later than the Friday before the week of the absence. If the student has this form turned in prior to the absence and can log on at an alternate time and submit the assignments before 8:00 AM the following morning, the student will not be marked absent. In the event of an unplanned absence due to unforeseen sickness/life events/etc., the student may be able to log in at an alternate time and complete assignments before the following day and avoid an absence with the submission of this form (retroactively) and with a doctor’s note or other proof of the unplanned event causing the student to miss the live lesson.
please put the Monday through Friday Dates. Month/Day
Please be aware once submitted this will act the same as a personal signature.
In case it is needed please put Email, or Phone for possible contact regarding this exemption form.