Get a State Tax Credit for Contributing to Acorn!

It can literally cost you nothing to give hundreds of dollars to the school! By making an Arizona Tax Credit Contribution to Acorn Montessori Charter School your tax dollars go directly to our extracurricular, character and moral building programs.

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Acorn Montessori Receives Two Grants!

Acorn Montessori Charter Schools located in Prescott Valley Arizona are pleased to be the recipients of two comprehensive grants. The first grant, Title One, is being used to implement the new Framework for Common Core Learning and Teacher Effectiveness. With our new... read more

Active & Healthy School Program:

Because childhood obesity has tripled in the past thirty years, Acorn Montessori Schools has teamed with the Active & Healthy Schools Program. Through the Carol M. White Physical Education Grant, our schools have acquired equipment and our teachers have received... read more

2012 Highlights

Catalina Island Marine Institute – Cherry Cove trip for 5th grade One of our 5th graders favorite field trips in the past was Catalina. One of our former students wrote this about her experience: “Catalina Island was a beautiful place to explore. We embarked upon a... read more

New Samsung Chromebooks

In the tradition of staying in the forefront of education Acorn Montessori is joining the Cloud computing movement. What does this mean for education? Some would say endless possibilities. Through our new implementation of Google Chromebooks our students will be immersed in a high degree of technology in the classroom on a daily basis.

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