Class Times

M-Th 8:15am-2:15pm
Friday 8:15am-1:30pm

1/2 Day Kinder:
M-Fri 8:15am-11:15am

1st Grade:
M-Th 8:15am-2:30pm
Friday 8:15am~1:30pm

2nd-8th Grade:
M-Th 8:00am-3:00pm
Friday 8:00am-1:30pm



Fee-Based Preschool Program
Ages 2-5 | “Acorn Seedlings”

Acorn Christian Montessori Preschool is located at Acorn West, 7555 East Long Look Drive, Prescott Valley 928-775-0238.

Elementary School

Grades K-5
“The Acorns”

Established in 2001, Acorn Montessori Charter School is a state approved Charter School serving students K – 8th grade.

Middle School

Grades 6-8
“The Mighty Oaks”

Our mission is to continue to open the doors of understanding and knowledge for our students, families, staff and community.

Latest News

New Samsung Chromebooks

New Samsung Chromebooks

New Technology! Acorn has joined the Cloud and is now fully integrated with state of the art Cloud computing. New Curriculum! Acorn purchased the high quality evidence based Treasures Curriculum for our K-8 classrooms.   New Year! This is an exciting school year for Acorn filled with interactive learning, incredible field trips, and great experiences for all of our Acorn family. In the tradition of staying in the forefront of education Acorn Montessori is joining the Cloud computing movement. What does this mean for education? Some would say endless possibilities. Through our new implementation of Google Chromebooks our students will be immersed in a high degree of technology in the classroom on a daily basis. As computing technology moves forward, Google Chromebooks change the way we think of computing and in education they change the way we think of school work. Our students will have the possibility to keep all their work on a personal database that they can see from home and in the classroom. For parents, this offers more interaction and involvement with their child’s daily schoolwork and homework. The use of this new line of technology will make our students ready for a technological world. Google Chromebooks are making Acorn Montessori a “dog ate my work” free zone. Treasures paragraph is one of the best, well-rounded curriculums available! Treasures not only meets the new Common Core Standards, but goes above and beyond the expectations to provide both teachers and students with a variety of methods, tools, and activities to ensure successful learning. The curriculum is user friendly, comprehensive and (most importantly) fun for the students. It... read more

Acorn Montessori School

Acorn Montessori understands and serves the needs of the “whole child.” Acorn’s approach of linking outstanding educational methods with models for a cooperative respectful way of life is an important element of education. Each classroom represents a structured miniature learning society where the values of harmony, respect, independence, learning and unity are given the opportunity to blossom and grow.

The Montessori Method fosters a deep appreciation for knowledge, learning and humanity.

Acorn Montessori Charter School is a state approved Charter School serving students 5 years to 15 years. We offer before care programs. Acorn participates in National School Lunch program serving two outstanding home style meals daily including breakfast and lunch.


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