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Come Share the Joy!

The American Montessori Society states:

“Montessori teachers know that children learn more by touching, seeing, smelling, tasting, and exploring than just by listening. Teacher training prepares them to create dynamic interactive learning environments that encourage each child to reason, cooperate, collaborate, negotiate, and to understand.”

Acorn Montessori Learning

Acorn Montessori Charter School is a blended Montessori / Traditional program. Montessori activities promote academic and social growth. Our uniquely prepared classrooms offer a wealth of learning materials. Our instructors provide necessary resources, including opportunities for children to function in a safe and positive climate. We have achieved individualized success in exceeding state standards. Please contact us to register. In addition to teaching the Montessori philosophy; Acorn also uses Saxon, a traditional curriculum that focuses on mathematics, phonics, and reading. Both Montessori and Saxon are currently taught from Pre-K through 8th grade, in a low teacher-to-student ratio.

Acorn Montessori Charter Schools in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Education provides Gifted Education.

Acorn Montessori offers a State-approved curriculum with NCLB approval that also specializes in the Gifted Program, Spanish, Technology, Computers, and Physical Education. Students “experience” their studies by participating in many field trips to explore science and the arts.

Our goal is to cultivate interest, concentration, motivation, and self-discipline through academic interest. Acorn Montessori utilizes Saxon and McGraw Hill for quarterly assessments.

Acorn participates in the AzM2, mandated by the Arizona Department of Education. Students receive quarterly report cards. Each semester we host parent conferences. Parents are welcome to request conferences with teachers throughout the school year. Parent involvement is encouraged. Acorn believes in good communication we celebrate this by hosting Family Nights at Acorn, which include Annual Title I meetings and disbursements of School-Parent Compacts.

Acorn Montessori offers academic courses in the following areas:

Field Trips
Community Service

Social Studies
Values & Human Dignity
Physical Education

Note: Acorn Montessori Charter Schools, in cooperation with the Arizona Department of Education, provides Gifted Education.