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Middle School 6-8

“The Mighty Oaks”

Established in 2001, Acorn Montessori Charter School is an A-rated, free public school where students truly enjoy learning in a healthy, safe, and beautiful environment each day! Our K-8 students participate in Acorn’s engaging hands-on instruction with low student-to-teacher ratios, rigorous curriculum, plentiful after-school clubs, individualized lessons, award-winning free-to-play sports program, and enriching field trips. We pride ourselves in providing a nurturing atmosphere that prepares students to succeed. Acorn is dedicated to supporting the academic, social, and emotional growth of each student that enters our doors.

Enriched Curriculum:

Students are guided through a rigorous curriculum in conjunction with project-based learning inspired by Montessori ideologies and methods. The curriculum used in 6-8 classrooms includes the Study Sync English Language Arts Program, the Eureka Math program, and the Elevate Science curriculum. In addition to these guided curriculums, students also participate in history, geography, civics, technology, life skills, writing, PE, and more.

Benchmark Screenings:

All K-8 students will complete a benchmark screening three times per year to determine their current level and how they are progressing toward grade-level standards in ELA, Math, and Science. Students in K-8 are screened using the Galilio/Imagine Learning Screening Platform, while students in K-3 are also screened using the AIMSweb screening platform. These assessments help guide instruction and placement of students into programs that can further assist them to reach their goals such as Title I intervention programs.


Arizona State Standards/Structured Montessori Education philosophy is that all children are motivated from within by a natural curiosity and love for knowledge. The core Curriculum is explored in small learning groups. The educational experience includes tactile (hands-on) learning materials to encourage the student to learn through multiple senses. 

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Field Trips – Should the students at Acorn Montessori attend a field trip, a written notice will be sent home of the event, and your signature on a permission slip will be required in order for your child to attend. Children will travel either in a school bus or on foot.  Acorn t-shirt should be worn on all field trips.  See Calendar.
  • Physical Education; Spanish; chorus; drama; mentorship program; community service; computer club; great chess club; gardening green thumbs; Arizona Learn & Serve Community Service. In addition, the Boys & Girls Club works in partnership with Acorn in assisting our students with daily challenges. Some of the activities deal with bullying, peer pressure, drug, and alcohol abuse.

Bus or Van transportation is provided for field trips.