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Distinguished Citizenship Program

Students will learn how to become “Distinguished Citizens” by learning specific certain skills/behaviors, such as:

  1. Self-Discipline: I do what I know needs to be done without being asked.
  2. Responsibility: 1) I keep up with my work and everything I need to do my work; 2) I fix mistakes by: a) Naming what I did wrong, not waiting for someone else; b) Making a sincere apology; c) Making amends
  3. Diligence: I do my work carefully and well, especially if it is hard.
  4. Gentleness: When we speak, think and act with the greatest care and consideration with ourselves and others.
  5. Respect: To act and speak in an assertive/kind manner even when mad or hurt.
  6. Assertiveness: To firmly and respectfully ask to get your needs met.
  7. Humility: 1) To cheer for yourself, without putting others down; 2) To cheer for others without putting yourself down.
  8. Excellence: I do my very best on every task by using high quality “parts” and high quality assembly.
  9. Tact: To quietly and respectfully let someone know about something that may embarrass them.
  10. Caring: To pay attention and make a strong effort to help others.
  11. Integrity: 1) To do the right thing when no one is looking; b) To do the right thing when people are looking; 3) To do the right thing even when you are embarrassed, teased or pressured about it.
  12. Honor: To act with respect and integrity toward myself and others