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Parent/Student Feedback

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“There are two things that are special about Acorn Montessori School. First, Miss Cynthia is the best because she is caring because she makes sure no one gets hurt.  Second, celebrations in our class room are very fun.  Halloween/UN Day we celebrated Mexico.  We were Mexicans.  Some of my friends are Mexicans.” – Second grader 08-09

“There are two things that are special about Acorn Montessori School.  First, Miss. Cynthia and Mrs. G because they are wonderful.  They give us ice cream sandwiches when we wear our Acorn T-Shirt.  Second, my teachers because they make learning fun.  They let us make crafts and that is fun.” – Second grader 08-09

“There are two things that are special about Acorn Montessori School.  First, I like reading in the Learning Center.  I think it makes me smarter.  Second, I like the P.E. equipment because it is fun to play with at recess.  I like the soccer balls.” – Second grader 08-09

“Dear Mrs. Johnson and Acorn Staff,

I just wanted to thank you for your presentation last night addressing the needs of the parents of the children of our community. I felt that last night’s presentation was enlightening and well received.

I believe that you and your staff have touched on some issues that need to be addressed in our community. Up until your presentation last night, I feel that I was unaware of the ripple of stress that has torn through our community, and has begun to tear at the fabric of our children’s’ wellbeing. It may not have been your intention to bring the attention to the brutal stress that many people our feeling in our society today because of economic pressure, but I feel that this is the core of what has driven the children of our families to become victimized as a result of it.

What I experienced last night was an awakening of what needs to be addressed in our community, and with Acorn leading the way with awareness, I would like to see more forums dedicated to the cause of supporting each other as a community. When the “Plan B” flyer was passed out, I thought about how this small idea and format can be a great tool for parents in our community that are experiencing stress. My second thought was, what if people are new here, and do not have a support group to go to? This morning is when I thought about the support of the school itself, and maybe of a parent support group that could help address some of these issues and maybe sponsor more forums, it would even help more people out in these tough times.

As an educator myself, and as a parent, I feel there is now a dire need for people to be supportive of each other in these times, and especially in Prescott Valley. I would be happy to help volunteer in any way to support this issue and Acorn.”

– Thank you, Robin L. Stockmar

“Dear Ms. Cynthia,
Thanks for making an eternal difference. I cannot than you enough for all you have done in developing a school with such a supportive learning environment. We feel blessed to have had the opportunity to send Emily to Acorn. ”

Received from Emily’s Mom

“It is very exciting to see a new child care facility such as Acorn put forth its best to provide high quality child care services in a rural, but growing, community. Child care in the Prescott Valley area is hard to come by…Cynthia shares my view that we are obligated to provide not only ‘spaces’ for children but high quality experiences, and has created a physical facility as well as curriculum that promotes optimal growth and development for children.”

– Sue, BA Early Childhood Education

“I learned division! I thought it would be hard, but Montessori math made it easy.”

– Candice, a student

“Nicholas was in pre-kindergarten program before enrolling in Acorn. He had learned some basics but really wasn’t very interested. We were advised by the teacher not to send him to kindergarten the following school year. They did not think he was ready for a higher level of learning. They did not perform a formal evaluation on him. If he had stayed in their program, they would have been correct. Since we chose to enroll him in Acorn Montessori, they were incorrect. Your methods of teaching and philosophies of learning have made all the difference in the world for our child’s education. The academic achievement he has made at your school has also had a positive impact on him personally. He obviously loves learning in the Montessori environment since he excelled to being one of the top students in his class last year! Your approach has created self-direction, self-esteem and self-empowerment in my child.”

– Pam and Vince, Parents of Nicholas

“We have many field trips. They are always interesting and fun; we learn from them.”

– Ashley, a student

“It’s never easy to leave your child in another’s care so that you can work. Alexander has been at Acorn since he was an infant and has grown to love and trust his caregivers. Now in the mini-Montessori program, he is a very well-adjusted, happy toddler who comes home every day with something new to share. With so few alternative options for child care and education in Prescott Valley, we feel very fortunate to have a facility like Acorn available to us.”

– Susan and Neil, Parents of Alexander

“We have classroom discussions. I like learning Saxon math and Spanish.”

– Travis, a student

“Ms. Johnson and her staff have created a nurturing and caring environment, which has enhanced my daughter’s self-esteem and developed her self-confidence. I believe the educational progress she has made is also a result of the smaller classroom sizes and the variety of methods used to present the materials. I also recognize the importance of her being exposed to art, music and foreign language study and appreciate the school making these subjects part of its curriculum.”

– Cynthia, mother of Emily

Alexis has been in two other public schools, and believe me when I say I’ve seen the difference in her learning, it’s so much nicer when there is more than one teacher in the classroom. It’s nice to see the teacher knows all the kids and recognizes the parents. Even the office staff are friendly. And, it’s nice the girls don’t feel like they’re being left out or not good enough or stressed because they don’t have what other kids have or can’t learn something fast and are not treated differently. It’s nice to see.

Laura, mother of Alexis

Mrs. Cynthia you run
this school which is
pretty cool. This school
is fun but we still
like it done. I laugh,
I play, and I hope
tomorrow will be like

– a poem, by Kim Sotero & Shelly Sudbury (both 12 years old)